Independent Contractors

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Partnering with Independent Contractors

Independent Contractor Documentation Requirements

Today’s workforce is constantly changing and many professionals have started their own businesses. While over 95% of our team are employees, hiring independent contractors allows us to be agile and meet some additional needs of our clients.

For independent contractors to partner with Specialized, we require documentation and proof of meeting IRS & Department of Labor requirements to work as an independent contractor. Additional requirements may be requested.

IMPORTANT: Independent contractors do not receive employment benefits from Specialized.

Independent Contractor Documentation Requirements

Minimum Documentation Requirements:
Additional Requirements:

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Independent Contractor Process

Step 1: Book a Call

Schedule a call with our team to discuss your business and goals. During the call we want to learn about your business and services you offer.

Step 2: Submit Documentation

You will submit the requested documentation and our human resources team will review your submissions.

Step 3: Get Connected

We will then meet with you to ask more questions and talk to you about working together.

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