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We partner with schools to provide quality assessments and the full-range of special education services. Let’s partner together to support your staffing needs today!

Our Story

Specialized Assessment & Consulting was founded in 2005 by special education professionals who realized a growing need for supplemental and flexible special education services for schools.

Our purpose from the beginning has been to support schools, students and families with quality special education services. Our vision includes the idea that special education services for schools can be enhanced by providing flexible career options that efficiently utilize the talents and skills of providers. By supporting our school providers with excellent benefits, competitive pay and family friendly work options, we are increasing the supply of quality special education services available for children with special needs.

While continuing to expand its reach nationwide, Specialized has maintained its small business core values: honesty and integrity, going above and beyond, professionalism, innovation and being growth oriented.

Specialized has continued to grow throughout Texas and nationwide by providing talented special education professionals who are committed to improving the lives of students, parents, and communities.

Dedicated Partnership

Specialized has created a proprietary online system that allows for management of your cases in the most efficient way possible. Our online system (AKA “The OS”) is a secure and sophisticated link between our providers, your schools, and our staff. This allows instant communication at the click of your mouse or swipe of your finger 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system allows access to account managers and our providers so that we can track your cases and better assist at any time.

Quality Special Education Services

At Specialized, we believe in providing high quality special education services with an emphasis on professionalism and best practices. We partner with schools to solve their most complex workforce issues. Each school is treated as an individual and we never try to apply a one-size-fits-all solution to your needs.

We have been working with schools since our inception, and our concept has always been to provide the best service possible and keep you in compliance with state and federal laws. We believe in open dialogue to understand exactly what your school needs, what timelines we have and how we can create a custom staffing solution that results in a strong and supportive team.

Staffing Solutions

How We Work

STEP 1: Proud to be Your Partner

Partner with us, and let us take the stress out of recruiting and hiring professionals for your schools. Our account managers are ready to support you and to connect team members at Specialized for the jobs you need done. If we don’t have someone ready immediately, our talent acquisition team gets to work reaching out to candidates and working their magic. We will get you the qualified professionals you need, when you need them.

STEP 2: Contracts in Place

From the moment a contract is signed, our account managers and talent acquisition team collaborate every day, and work directly with your administrative team, to find the best possible team members for your campus needs. In addition, most of our providers are W-2 employees of Specialized, so there are no concerns about IRS rules, taxes or benefits.

STEP 3: Constant Communication

The Specialized online services management system (The “OS”) allows you to manage your cases and stay in touch with us 24/7. The OS is a customized platform that provides you with access to our services and case information utilizing a state-of-the-art web application that provides the highest level of cyber security available. Once the contract is signed, Specialized will set up a brief OS training session to explain how to use this valuable tool.

STEP 4: Let's Get to Work!

We work behind the scenes to get your project off the ground. We build your team and get your services running as soon as you give us the go-ahead, and we stay in touch throughout the process via phone calls, emails, and messaging through our online system.


We proudly serve a variety of schools and settings including:

Public Schools
Charter Schools
Virtual Schools

On-Demand Service

One assessment? That’s all you need? No problem!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a service provider for an hour, a week, or even a school year—we’re here to help. Just like you, we understand that every student is important and needs service. It is just that simple.

We cover:

Commitment to Excellence

We know that schools don’t always have the time or expertise necessary to find the perfect provider for every open position. That’s why we decided to become that solution, combining recruiting and placement prowess with assessment and consultation services to become a one-stop shop for all your special education needs.

Compliance and Support

Healthcare to School Transition Support

We know there are a lot of brilliant therapists out there who have never worked in an educational environment before. We provide transition training for these talented healthcare-savvy professionals as they move to the education environment. We also provide them with one-on-one mentors from the special education field to oversee their work, guide them, and help them transform into valuable additions to your campus.
My school has been using this company for two years now. Each assessment is professionally done and completed within timelines. The contacts (administrative team) are very knowledgeable and thorough with each assignment that we have requested. I have come to rely on the recommendations that have helped the students to be successful academically and behaviorally in the classroom. I highly recommend the services that are offered through Specialized Assessment & Consulting.

Special Education Director

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